It’s Monsoon Season here …


So, its just after 3am here and its been steadily rain for over an hour. It woke me up. I lay here for some time, listening to the moderate rainfall and the wind and occasional gentle roll of thunder. I can’t go back to sleep. Life in the Midwest always brings with it worry of flooded basements and tornadoes. Even my dogs have learned to fear thunderstorms. So, while I lay here listening to the nervous panting of my two large canine kids, I’m also daydreaming about books.

I love to read in bed, curled up under my blankets, propped up on a few big pillows, in the quiet. Add to that scenario a soft (or even a quite hard rainfall) and I’ve got the coziest of book-reading conditions.

My only dilemma now is: do I read for pleasure, or do I read for work? Should I start one of the ARCs I’ve received recently in exchange for a written review? Or do I continue the chapters I’m currently editing for an author? Or perhaps I will start one of the plethora of 1-clicked ebooks in my library as I’m currently between reads? This is quite the conundrum for me!

So, while I’m lying here, listening to the rain…. I think that’s the opening lines to a song…. “Lying here with you, listening to the rain”…. These are the moments of solitude I crave. I love these quiet moments with my thoughts, surrounded by my book world, and naughty stories and naughty thoughts and pictures of half-naked (or more than half) wet men, my social media and my electronics…. and I find myself quite content to be awake at 3am, listening to the rain.

Much love and….
~Sin Sister Kristen xx

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