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So, it’s Sunday… Stay In Bed Sunday, if I’m lucky. 🙂 But that doesn’t mean I’m unproductive. It simply means I’m in my jammies, in bed. I love modern technology and all the ways it makes life easier, more fun, and the world more accessible… 🙂

In Book World, I’m a reader first. I’m all about the love of books and stories. But, also, thanks to technology, I can read, browse and order new books 🙂 , and I can write some book reviews too. I can also communicate with my fellow booklovers and author friends through social media and email. And I can work on my editing and research for writers. These are just a few of the things I love about book world in the modern age. Yes, classic literature is wonderful and lovely, and will always be, well, Classic. I’m a life-long lover of Jane Austen and stories from those lovely British writers. But in the ever-evolving world of books and independent publishing especially, I am loving the freedom and flexibility of the modern world, finding a beautiful tenacity of spirit among the authors, and I love it.

Indy authors are pioneers, setting out to carve out their place in book world without the help of the Big 5. And who needs them, really? Publishing, especially in the electronic-medium, is readily accessible. It’s a wonderful thing, really. But that may just be my entrepreneurial, rebel-with-a-cause spirit speaking. Why should we let giant corporations dictate and choose for us what we can read or as writers what’s “pertinent” or “vital”? I say piss on the lot of them!

I’ve had the blessed pleasure of reading many many great Indy published books in the past year. And the authors that write them have been lovely, and interesting and wildly amusing! I’m so happy to see they have found a way to bring their gems into the light and share them with the world. I’m striving now to harness my own pioneer spirit, as I embark on my own exciting journey into book world as not only a reader, but as a content/line editor and researcher for independent romance/erotica authors. And as I do, I promise to Fangirl-it-up whenever possible and support you and share you, my lovely Indy authors, with the world! Much love! xx ~SinSister #indyauthors #authorservices

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