Fangirl moment!


I had a little freakout moment earlier….
I got on the Blog Tour for a book release I have been waiting in agony for for months! The release is still about 6 weeks away…. but I have a date! Sin Sisters is on the list, in print! I’m SO excited!  Sooo…. What book you ask?


This is book #2 of a trilogy about a journalism student, Liz, at University of NC in Chapel Hill. She meets very eligible bachelor and State Senator, Brady Maxwell, and they begin a very passionate and sexy affair. Trouble is, she is a reporter in the political division of her school newspaper….and Brady is a politician on the campaign trail for a seat as a US Senator. They can’t be seen together, no one can know they are seeing one another, and the demands of Brady’s campaign are keeping them apart. Liz gets lonely, but she waits. And then the campaign starts to heat up, demanding even more of Brady’s time and putting him under heavy scrutiny from the press… including Liz, who doesn’t agree with his policies and calls him out on it publicly in her articles.

So On the Record is what’s next in store for Liz and Brady. We were left with QUITE the cliffhanger at the end of OffTR, so I am OH-SO-EAGER to get my hands on part 2.

Watch for more details as we get closer to the August 26th release date! I’M SO EXCITED! 💜

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